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Your kids want to go paddling as badly as you do.

There have simply been very limited options to put them on the water.  We're changing that. The Mini Me is targeted to smaller kids between about 2-5yrs old, with a price point that makes it easy for you to get them on them water.

We understand that most small children just want to have a positive paddling experience. They're not doing anything fancy. The focus is really on making learning to paddle easy. It has a solid stable feeling when sitting on the water, with minimal pitch, rock or yaw, instilling confidence.

It runs through wave trains with ease, with enough length to make it longitudinally stable, and the drop down skeg helps those really young kids to keep it going straight.

The end grab loops are made for an adults hand, so you can transport, or grab the kayak easily on the water, for both ease and safety.

Watch a 3 year old kid go whitewater kayaking


The Mini Me Technical Specs

  • Length: 4'8"| 142cm
  • Width: 20”| 50cm
  • Height (front): 7.7” | 19.5cm
  • Height (Back): 6.5” | 16.5cm
  • Nose Rocker: 5.8" | 14.8cm
  • Tail Rocker: 4.2” | 10.8cm
  • Rocker type: Kick
  • Cockpit Length (Outside): 24”| 60cm
  • Cockpit Width (Outside): 13”| 34cm
  • Plastic Type (Orange, Pink and Yellow): Superlinear
  • Floatation: Rear Standard
  • Boat Weight (Standard): 16.5lbs | 7.5kg
  • Boat Weight (Hooptie): 17.1 lbs | 7.8kg
  • General Paddler Weight: 15lbs-40lbs | 7kg-18kg
  • Back Band: No
  • Internal Bracing: Skeletor Lite
  • Hooptie: N/A
  • Grab Loops: 2
  • Flip Up Skeg: Rotax Standard
  • Volume: 23 Gal | 86ltr

About Soul Waterman

Soul is a boutique brand that is focused squarely on innovation: in design, execution and overall appearance is our company philosophy. We have capitalized on the illustrious design career of Corran Addison, who throughout his years as paddler, surfer, snowboarder, designer and manufacturer, has been known for his innovative work.