Liquidlogic Hot Whip 60 Whitewater Kayak

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A play machine for the whole river, play spots and rapids included.

Now in a 60 gallon smaller size! Let’s be honest. A playboat is great for tricks, but kind of sucks to take down river. That's why we created The Hot Whip.

The Hot Whip is the ultimate boat for those who want to play hard on the entire river without sacrificing comfort and style going downstream. As a half slice, it's designed with play in mind, but can still take on river running with confidence.

Engineered with play moves top of mind

The Hot Whip is perfect for surfing waves, stern squirting, splats, and any other playful maneuvers you can think of. But don't worry - this boat can still handle river running, too. It's not just a one-trick pony!

RMX influenced bow rocker

Like the RMX, the Hot Whip has a big bow rocker that allows you to plow over obstacles with ease, while its large hull platform keeps you sitting up on the surface of the water and spinning on a dime.

Crisp tuned edges

And with the crisp, tuned edges you've been asking for, expect a super slippery and buttery smooth ride. You'll be able to slide or carve effortlessly on any wave or play feature.

High performance winged stern 

The Hot Whip also boasts a small, high-performance winged stern that makes squirts, stalls, and splats fun and effortless. And at a compact 8 feet long, this boat is easy to throw around.

So if you're looking for a boat that's all about playing the river with style and comfort, look no further than the Liquidlogic Hot Whip. Just think of it as a play machine for the whole river - whether you're surfing waves, stern squirting, splatting, or just bopping your way downstream the Hot Whip is sure to take your paddling to the next level.

The Hot Whip Technical Specs

  • Length: 8'
  • Width: 26.5"
  • Volume 62 gallons
  • Paddler weight: 120-240 lbs (54.4kg-108.86kg)
  • Weight: 42 lbs (19.05kg)
  • Cockpit width: 20.5"
  • Cockpit length: 35.35"

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Starting out as a dream on the banks of Western North Carolina's Green River Narrows. Liquidlogic became a reality in 2000 and is making kayaks for paddlers all over the world.