Need paddle board repair? Bring your paddle board or inflatable float to Festive Water Paddlesports at our Lake Lanier location during our operating hours (Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm) and an experienced staff member will assess and advise the best route for you inflatable! 

We can fix: 

  • Leaks
  • Blown seams
  • Tears
  • D Rings

We will suggest the best options for your paddle board repair, whether it's a DIY fix, or leaving it with us for a more extensive repair. 

Inflatable Repairs

Applying a patch to tear on an inflatable paddleboard

DIY Repair Kits 

If the job is simple, and professional help is not needed - Festive Water sells a variety of inexpensive repair kit options! Patch material, contact adhesive, and repair kits can get the job done with minimal effort on your part and we are happy to provide instruction!

A blown out seam on an inflatable paddleboard

Professional Repair

If the repair job is large or more complex, our professional help may be needed. Festive Water charges a $40 per hour hourly rate for inflatable repairs. Our staff will consult with you and provide a quote when you drop your inflatable off at that the shop. We will repair, inflate, and test your inflatable paddle board.

Note: Most repairs involving contact adhesive take 48 hours to fully cure after repair. 

Fiberglass Paddleboard Repairs 

BOTE Gatorshell Paddleboard delaminating

Maybe you have a fiberglass paddle board like a BOTE Gatorshell board? We can point you in the right direction for fiberglass and epoxy repairs too. 

For smaller, DIY repairs, we suggest Phix Doctor's SUP/Paddleboard Repair Kit. It comes with everything you need to tackle smaller dings, scratches, and cracks. Check it out on their website at

For larger repairs, you'll want a professional service to check our your board. We do not do fiberglass repair at Festive Water. We refer all fiberglass work to Viking Boat and Fiberglass Repair in Smyrna, GA.