Lachine Impact Vest Life Jacket for Kids

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Angry Mullet Lachine

As a parent with a child that’s starting to push the limits in whitewater, Corran said he has sleepless nights about his sons lifejacket coming off in big swirling deep rapids. It was all fun and games in knee deep water, but this all changes when there is the possibility of a child being sucked down, and a jacket being ripped off. Most crotch straps don’t work with a spray skirt, and if the child doesn’t tighten the jacket properly, or it works loose, it can come off.

For this reason he developed the Lachine, and those that have seen it, have asked for it. There is an internal sticky neoprene belt that you close around the childs waist. This prevents the jacket being pulled up over the head. After the jacket is zipped up, two angled “armpit” straps are synched down, which prevents the jacket riding up over the chin. And lastly, as a final back-up the snap buckle in the front can be passed through the loop on the LOVE sprayskirt (so both jacket and skirt would have to be ripped over the head).

Jacket has 12 lbs / 53N of flotation, fitting children weighing 50-90 pounds.

Oh yeah, we gotta say this legal disclaimer: This is not a Coast Guard or CE approved PFD, and should always be used in conjunction with a certified inflatable PFD such as this.

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