Soul Booster Whitewater Kayak

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  • 1 Cherry Blossom / SuperLight
  • 1 Funk Russia / SuperLight
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The Booster has changed how a playful river runner is supposed to handle

"A playboat isn’t just about busting moves on a wave, it is about transitions—getting out onto the wave, recovering from a move not-yet-nailed, and getting down-river to the next spot. The Booster makes all the transitions that much easier, helping you save your energy for on-the-wave fun." - Paddling Magazine

A little more than a decade ago, an entire class of boat simply disappeared: the playful river runner. These were truly great boats because they bridged that gap between a hard core creek boat, and a play boat. They could run fairly hard rapids, while remaining entertaining and easy to paddle, and muck about in.

The Booster has changed how a playful river runner is supposed to handle. With a planing hull, playful handling, but in a format that could run rivers well, the Booster was the choice of instructional centers, beginners paddlers, and even advanced and expert paddlers looking to mix it up. Everyone loved the Booster.

A lot has changed since the original Booster was released. Hulls are faster, looser and more forgiving. Rocker profiles make them more predictable, with a dryer ride, and overall ergonomics leave those sitting in old boats feeling cramped.

The new Booster takes the performance of the original, and puts it squarely on a platform that is comfortable, forgiving, fast and loose, boofs like a charm, is super forgiving in even the most unpredictable waters, but still possible to squirt with good technique, and all without the comparative sluggishness of creek boats.

Whether you're a beginner, looking for something easy and exciting to get into and grow with, or an accomplished paddler that wants something more interesting than a full creek boat without going to a half slice, the Booster has you covered.

Check out the Booster in action


The Booster Technical Specs

  • Length: 7'3"| 222cm
  • Width: 25.6”| 65cm
  • Volume: 63 Gal | 240ltr
  • Height (front): 13” | 32cm
  • Height (Back): 6.4” | 22cm
  • Nose Rocker: 12” | 30cm
  • Tail Rocker: 7.3” | 18.5cm
  • Cockpit Length (Outside): 35”| 89cm
  • Cockpit Width (Outside): 21”| 53cm
  • River Play Paddler Weight: 130bs-210lbs | 59kg-95kg
  • Beginner Paddler Weight: 100lbs – 180lbs | 45kg-82kg

About Soul Waterman

Soul is a boutique brand that is focused squarely on innovation: in design, execution and overall appearance is our company philosophy. We have capitalized on the illustrious design career of Corran Addison, who throughout his years as paddler, surfer, snowboarder, designer and manufacturer, has been known for his innovative work.