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If you enjoy speed, carving turns, surfing, and skipping out of drops while working your way downriver, this is the boat for you.

The Powerslide’s slalom-influenced stern, with its low-rocker profile propels you downstream, upstream and through ferries and banks eddy turns at high speed. Subtle kick rocker just behind the seat delivers the ability to carve through S turns and across currents to slide onto glassy, catch-on-the-fly waves with ease. That’s where the chines kick in with a silky, carving, deliciously loose feeling. Like in many modern slalom boats, we’ve cut the stern low for quick easy pivots during downstream maneuvering and for lifting the bow up into tall stern stalls and splats.

Through the middle, we narrowed the Powerslide to help maintain glide through the water. That slenderness gives the cockpit a comfortable yet performance-snug feel so that you can transition from edge to edge easily while carving around. The hull is flat, wide and hard chined, which keeps it up and spinning on the surface of the water. As in all boats these days, we added a generous amount of bow rocker to keep you popping up out of drops and skipping downstream.

By combining the speed and maneuverability of modern slalom kayaks with a playful planing hull and modern bow rocker we’ve created a boat that will give you the power to redefine how you paddle rivers.

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Mike Hurndon
Powerslide Play Machine

Tim at Festive Water was an absolute pleasure to both meet & deal with; that’s a fine Gentleman! Powerslide is an absolute hoot & a fun play machine. It’s very quick edge-to-edge, but the rear rails will punish a lazy driver. My expectations on squirtability were exceeded; it will get totally vertical with a subtle eddy line & it will also stern-stall nicely with its near 90° balance point. It’s my current A-boat & just fabricating modifications to the outfitting for my curmudgeoned body. I used it for a Metro Hooch attainment today & got me back up the hill 😅 ! It’s not going to be a boat for the masses, but it will appeal to those that want speed, a bit of spiciness 🌶️, & soul-surfing for days. Slide 🛝 on in … 🤩!!!

About Liquidlogic

Starting out as a dream on the banks of Western North Carolina's Green River Narrows. Liquidlogic became a reality in 2000 and is making kayaks for paddlers all over the world.