Jackson Kayak Now Available at Festive Water

Jackson Kayak Now Available at Festive Water

Jackson Kayak whitewater and recreational kayaks are now available at Festive Water! Jackson is one of the leading brands in whitewater kayaking, and we're excited to have them in shop! Festive Water is the only kayak outfitter in North Georgia and the metro Atlanta area to carry the full line up of Jackson whitewater kayaks.

Jackson Kayaks are built to conquer the most challenging waterways. Find your perfect fit for touring, fishing, or whitewater adventures at the Festive Water Paddlesports store. Our first order includes the new (2023) Flow, the Gnarvana (2022), Antix 2.0, Karma Unlimited, Rockstar V, Bite, and accessories.

The New Jackson Flow Whitewater Kayak


The Jackson Kayak Flow is a river running creek boat that is designed to take your paddling to the next level. The perfect combination of confidence where you need it, and sportiness when you want it. Whether you are just starting out or pushing the boundaries with Class V, this boat will take care of you with a shorter, lighter, sporty ride! Want a modern creek boat rocker profile without all the weight and volume? The Flow is just what the doctor ordered. It has a full-on creek boat hull with a slimmed-down deck and shorter length for a lighter, nimble, easy-to-turn, easy-to-boof, easy-to-carry experience with maximum maneuverability.

Jackson Kayak’s Core Values

Our core values are in place to ensure that every decision we make works towards the vision, product and people we want to be – Innovative, Inclusive, Accessible and Community Driven. By following what we believe to be our foundation, it has helped us remain at the top of respected brands. Our factory has a banner that our employees can recite for you – “Build it Like Your Own.” This banner reflects that we are focused on remaining relevant and dedicated to paddlers, and with our winning products, can achieve excellence. Our values, as a result, help establish ourselves as an integral part of the paddling communities we serve and with a reputation second to none:

  • Approachability, authentic and community connected
  • Focused on Excellence
  • Unrivaled Customer Service
  • Outdoor Enthusiast who expect everyday to be an awesome day on the water
  • Encouraging and Inclusive – We feel everyone should have the opportunity to go paddling!

Mission Statement

“To enable the best surf, the biggest catch, the exploration of every waterway, an enriched life, and lasting memories for all…we are Jackson Kayak.”


Jackson Kayak Demos

Stop by the shop to demo a Jackson Kayak today and check them out in person! We have a Flow, Gnarvana, and Antix 2.0 in our demo fleet ready for you to try out!