Festive Water in Shoutout Atlanta Magazine

Festive Water in Shoutout Atlanta Magazine

Recently, Tim - the owner of Festive Water, sat down with Shoutout Atlanta Magazine for a interview about the shop. check out the full interview at: 


Here is a snippet of the interview:

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?

I have had a passion for the outdoors and Water Sports my entire life as a Hobby, but not a Business. Over the last 30 years I Have started, built, grown and sold 2 different companies both relating to the service industry.

It had been a lifetime goal to do a through hike of the Appalachian trail. In 2017 I sold a Restoration company i had Started in preparation of a 2020 Through hike of the AT. I had all the funds available. I had people moving into my house to take care of it and my animals. And i had my wife ready to go with me and we were all packed up ready to walk out the door, then Covid hit. They closed the trail, my dream was over and Everything changed. My friends still had to move into our house because they rented theirs. My wife and i had a small lake house on Lake Lanier that was an VRBO vacation rental. Everyone who had booked canceled. With all that we decided to Move into our Lake during Quarantine.

It was the first time after owning that house for 17 years that we stayed in it full time and we loved it. It was really small but super cozy. We thought about making it bigger, but just could not be done. We started looking for a full time Lake house and by the end of 2020 we found one. A true fixer upper on the lake and we bought it.

After the renovation and the trail behind me it was time to start a new Business. I wanted to do something fun this time and something that i was truly passionate about. I landed on a Paddle Sports rental company and started it from my home on the Lake. Our old Lake house for 17 years was known as Festive Water, so that is what we named the company.

The first season was great. I met many like minded people and was having a great time delivering Kayaks and Paddleboards around the lake. The business was exactly what i was looking for. A time to be on the water, meeting people and having fun.

i started networking with other people who were involved in the industry and started a old friendship with Nathan Skinner who i knew through our local Church. He is an semi pro Kayak Fisherman with Multiple Sponsorships. His knowledge of the recreation and fishing Kayak side of the business goes fairly unmatched. That with my Knowledge if white water Kayaking was the perfect Match.

He worked part time for an Outfitter in Canton Ga called Nomadic Flow outfitters. He knew the store was soon to close its door and help orchestrate a purchase of Assets of the company. With those assets and suppliers we opened up our store in Cumming Georgia and added lots of new inventory. Our grand opening was May 3rd 2023 and we are off to a wonderful start doing something we all love and are passionate about.

We carry all the top suppliers in the industry and offer the best customer service in the marketplace.