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Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak

It’s not ‘kind of’ stable. It’s crazy stable.

$1,649.00 USD $1,749.00 USD
Bonafide SS107 Fishing Kayak

A portable beast boasting premium fishing features

$1,399.00 USD

About Bonafide

We are paddlers, anglers, entrepreneurs, product designers, engineers, and individuals who enjoy a challenge and being a part of something bigger than ourselves while building a product that brings joy and excitement to the kayak fishing community. Our products aren’t just kayaks they are a vessel used to escape, explore, and for anglers to follow their passion of paddling, fishing, and the outdoors. Our goal is to remain authentic, genuine, and real. Our commitment is to do things differently, in ways that will lead to some of the most innovative products the industry’s ever seen.