Striper Fishing on Lake Lanier: A Guide for Kayak Anglers

Man in kayak showing off the striped bass he caught

Are you looking to catch a few striped bass on Lake Lanier? If so, then you’re in the right place. Lake Lanier is home to some of the best fishing in Georgia and is known for its abundance of striped bass. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about striped bass fishing on Lake Lanier, from what lures and live bait to use to where to rent a kayak. So gear up and let’s get started! 

Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Lanier 

Lake Lanier is the perfect spot for striped bass fishing. It has a wide variety of habitats that attract different species of fish, including largemouth and spotted bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, and more. But it’s the lake’s population of striped bass that really stands out. Stripers can be found throughout the lake in deep water up to 15 feet or less during spawning season. The lake also gets plenty of stripers migrating through the Chestatee River and Chattahoochee Rivers which flow into the lake. 

What Lures & Live Bait Should I Use? 

When it comes to lures and live bait for striper fishing on Lake Lanier, there are many options available. Bucktail jigs and jigging spoons are always a good choice as they can be used in shallow or deep water and will attract both large and small stripers. You can also try spinners or crankbaits if you want something with more action. For live bait, try using shad or blueback herring as these will entice larger stripers.. And don't forget about topwater baits like poppers or walking baits; these can be especially effective during early mornings when stripers are active near shorelines and pushing bait up shallow. Our friends at Hammond’s Fishing, right down Highway 369 from Festive Water, can get you set with all of your striped bass fishing tackle. 

Largemouth vs Spotted vs Striped Bass 

When fishing in Lake Lanier, it's important to know the difference between largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus) and striped bass (Morone saxatilis). Largemouth and spotted bass are really members of the sunfish family, while striped bass are ‘true’ bass. Largemouths have dark green bodies with light-colored stripes along their sides while spotted bass tend to be smaller, with a dark, patchy lateral line, and have a rough, toothy patch on their tongue; striped bass have silver bodies with dark stripes along their sides that run lengthwise from head to tail along their dorsal fins. As far as behavior goes, largemouth bass tend to stay close to cover such as logs or stumps while spotted bass prefer open water areas near points or drop-offs; meanwhile stripers will migrate long distances up rivers where they can find cooler temperatures suitable for spawning during spring months. 

In Lake Lanier, stripers seem to grow even faster than at other lakes. Good water quality, depth and current, and a tremendous amount of shad and herring are responsible. In addition to the speedy growth rate, striped bass exhibit a fighting strength and stamina which far exceeds that of black bass.   

Rent Fishing Kayaks With Festive Water & Purchase Tackle From Hammond's Fishing Center 

If you’re looking for an easy way to get out on the water and enjoy some great striper fishing, consider renting a kayak from Festive Water, located just off Highway 369 near the Two Mile Creek boat ramp. They offer a variety of fishing kayaks  to rent or purchase, from brands like Bonafide, Native Watercraft, and Feelfree! And don't forget about tackle! Hammond's has everything you need from rods and reels all the way down to lures, live bait, and terminal tackle – so stop by today and pick up your supplies before heading out onto beautiful Lake Lanier!   

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Lake Lanier is one of Georgia's premier destinations when it comes to striper fishing - so if you're looking for an exciting day out on the lake why not give it a shot? Remember though that while this guide can help get you started - nothing beats experience when it comes time actually catching those big stripers! So rent a kayak from Festive Water, purchase your tackle at Hammond's Fishing Center - then get out there and enjoy some quality time enjoying nature and catching some fish! Good luck!